The Fabulous Red Diesel are a highly original jazz orientated band of unconventional players. Its song based jazz at its heart, but with soaring vocals, hooks, grooves, soul and the occasional tuba. Their pedigree is impressive, Phil Brown ( ) recorded and produced their 3rd album -We know its 43. Frontwoman and songwriter, Kat Lee-Ryan is a recent signing to Beatport Records , and has graced many major stages including Glastonbury, the Royal National Theatre Foyer, Wembley Conference centre, The Jazz cafe, The Jazz Cafe Berlin, the Mean Fiddler, The Green gathering and The 100 Club.
They are currently promotingtheir 6th album, Sparkly Bird, which is the soundtrack to a groundbreaking new theatre show of the same name .
The Fabulous Red Diesel are the band you would book to impress someone who has heard it all before.

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The Fabulous Red Diesel are currently touring in the South East, with their new album, ''Live at The Lamb''.

Sparkly Bird the album will be finished in 2018

Sparkly Bird the single is available on Bandcamp-