Live at the Lamb

The Fabulous Red Diesel

hear it here .Recorded mixed and mastered by Nick Endacott Gibb at the now closed iconic pub/venue in Lewes 3 piecehorn section -the Brassoles last stand!!! A gumbo of Soul, Jazz and Funk that's nearly impossible to pin down stylistically, this was one of the last live performances with Voodoo Dave (Trombone and Percussion) and Count Bouncy (Bass) before they moved on to other projects.

''I looked out across the bar, and The Fabulous Red Diesel were playing, it was just like being at a festival and I like that '' Alec Swinburn - The Publican of The Lamb in Lewes. There's no easy description of the music here, infectiously groovy, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and here it's presented in the best way possible - 100% live. Dive into one of the best bands on the south coast of the UK and make sure you've got space to dance...

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