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''The Fabulous Red Diesel are a long established local band with a wide following. Having trudged through the downbeat wintry Hastings to get to the event I was amazed by the life and warmth in the venue. Kat Lee Ryan’s compositions struck me as a kind of Hastings cabaret telling the stories of eccentric locals and I wasn’t that far off the mark. They certainly are both quirky and eclectic. Touches of soul and jazz, 60s, funk and humour (which does belong in music).''  Nick Weekes

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 Hastings Observer Jan 2020

''The Hastings-based band and festival favourites the Fabulous Red Diesel performed a supporting 30-minute set of their highly original compositions combining jazz, fusion and funky back beats. 

Lead singer and keyboardist Kat Lee-Ryan was in fine voice, with other talented members of the band performing superb basslines, guitar and trumpet solos and irresistible drum licks. (full article below)''





The Stinger- Andy Gunton 


 Beyond the theatrics of make-up that’s just a little extra, peacock feather ‘n’ tie-dye shirts and rainbow-emitting disco balls lies a voice with the call of the sirens and a hot handle on the blues. Kat Lee-Ryan, from the saucy band The Fabulous Red Diesel, belts out stark and original lyrics with soul-felt tonality''

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